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What Everybody ought to know about Car & Truck Parts…

Before taking your car to a “We Beat Any Price” competition, please answer the following questions:

  • Would you board a plane built with cheap parts?
  • Would you send cheap replacement parts to our troops?
  • Would you drive your children in a car repaired with cheap parts?
  • Do quality shoes last ten times longer than the cheap ones?

Cheap parts is a big business but it is not Our Business!!! We invest a lot of time in researching parts and quality can be affordable!

Quality of automotive replacement parts varies more than quality of shoes in the shoe  stores!  One can buy shoes at “Walmart”  for $10/pair or,  pay a $100+ for shoes at “Macy’s”.  The difference? …  (I am sure that you know the answer!) When you deal with shoes,  you throw them away if they give you blisters.  However, when it comes to cars,  you are dealing with life and safety of people in your car and others on the road!

We, at Capitol Mechanics offer OEM, remanufactured, recycled and time-proven aftermarket components. Being Independent, we have the freedom to shop for parts and, when possible, we locate quality used parts in order to reduce the cost of repairs. By the way, did you know that the use of recycled parts also helps to preserve our environment?

Our parts specifications are tough and many vendors cannot meet them.  Over the years we have developed a  list of reputable suppliers and that  allows us to search nationwide for best prices on new and used parts.

Don’t compare estimates.  Don’t select Doctors, Attorneys and Car Mechanics based on a price alone.  A good professional service is always less expensive in a long run. Last but not least … We are happy to provide parts for those who wish to work on their cars themselves. We also offer specialty performance parts upon request.
You don’t have to be rich to own a reliable car!